New Looping Video- October 16th, 2019

New video is up! This is the first of a series of several solo looping videos, that will descend upon one’s YouTube channel in the next couple of months. Check it out here!


The Loop Tour, the Chicago Tribune- September 8th, 2015

Just like that, a few more months passed by- but not without a new EP from Morning Bound, an amazing review from the Chicago Tribune, a beautiful EP release show at Rockwood Music Hall, and many memorable musical moments. The band is now making plans for 2016, so until we have more live shows in the calendar, please consider picking up a copy of our brand new EP!

As some of you may be aware, looping has become a growing part of my performances, with each one of my groups but also as a solo act. Performing solo is an incredible experience- intimate, independent, risky, energizing. This fall I'll be touring all alone, with my looper, heading south. Dates will be posted soon! I hope to be blogging about the experience, write bus review and the like. Please stay tuned, especially if you live between NYC and Atlanta, GA.

That would be it for now. Have a calm, happy transition into fall.


The Creative Efforts of 2014- December 27th, 2014

This year has been a creatively busy one. Morning Bound, my collaboration with Panagiotis Andreou and Ronen Itzik, released two new videos from the studio, and received enthusiastic reviews from Notreble and the Musical Melting Pot. We’ll be releasing our new EP in March 2015, and news about the release will be posted on our Facebook page.

My other new project, Tammy Scheffer’s Angry Little Bees, has been and is playing live around New York City, perfecting ideas and polishing arrangements.  It’s an exciting, long, deep process that goes beyond the music and into what we say as people, as human beings. While we have some recordings on Youtube, the best way to experience the music is to come and see it live!

If you’re interested in online education, an instruction video I made with producer Eyal Amir was released on MacProVideo, a wonderful company and a huge resource for quality online courses.

Lastly, I’ve recently returned from a visit in Israel, where I visited friends and family, had a masterclass for a group of curious and eager students of jazz, worked with the Israeli edition of my sextet and got to share the stage with childhood hero Yoni Rechter. It was inspiring, busy, stressful, wonderful and fun.

Wishing you happy holidays, a happy and healthy 2015, and lots of music and creativity in your life.


Happy New Year!- January 1st, 2014

To welcome the new year, I've prepared a little video for you. Hope you enjoy!

Wishing you all the best,



Preparing to make some music babies- October 24, 2013

During last year I've been working on two, very different new projects, and now it's finally time to turn them into recorded works. In the next few month we'll still be performing and trying out new material, but for the majority of the time I'll be focusing on arranging, rearranging, writing, and... recording!

If you're curious to check out what is coming, here's a short recap:

Morning Bound is the electric collaboration between myself, bassist Panagiotis Andreou (Now Vs. Now, NY Gypsy Allstars) and drummer/ kitchenware specialist Ronen Itzik. Yes, that's right- electric bass, drums and voice- as well as tons of effects and loops. Last year we made a couple of videos at CongaHead, with some final touches on the sound by Eyal Amir. Click here to watch the video! And... here's another one!

Angry Little Bees (formerly known as Tammy's Almost Acoustic Band) is a folk inspired group that makes use of an acoustic setting, peppered with some vocal loops. We're playing a collection of songs which were mostly written last November in NYC. Think folk music gone awry. Here are a couple of videos we recorded at SEEDS::BROOKLYN in March.

The Tammy Scheffer Sextet had a few great shows this summer. We've played at the 2013 Red Sea Jazz Festival, made our first appearance at Smalls Jazz Club, and we were also the first band to play at the brand new Beat Hotel in Boston. Our album is still available for sale on CDBaby, Itunes, Amazon and the other usual suspects. We will also have some new live videos up soon, subscribe to out Youtube channel to check them out.

That's it for now- enjoy the changing seasons, stay in touch and be well!


New Videos!- May 12, 2013

A few weeks ago I stepped into the studio of Congahead join by bassist Panagiotis Andreou (Now Vs. Now, NY Gypsy Allstars) and drummer Ronen Itzik to document our new electric project. Sound magician Eyal Amir was kind enough to put some final touches on the sound, and the crew at Congahead provided some beautiful video and editing. and with that said, click here to watch the video! And... here's another one!


New Projects, BJU Festival, upcoming travels- April 10, 2013

As spring is knocking on the door again, I'm realizing it's been a year since I've written a proper update. Yikes! Well, this year really has been busy, as some of you who keep in touch through my Facebook page might know. A lot of new music, new projects, new plans for the future.

In the last few months I've been hard at work, writing new music for two very different trio projects. Although the ideas have been on my mind for a while, most of these new songs became a reality during hurricane Sandi, while being stranded at home in Brooklyn. I only wish all NYers were this safe & lucky. The project, which we've documented last month at Seeds in Brooklyn (subscribe to the Youtube channel to see the results), is a collection of folk- inspired songs and features Max ZT on hammered dulcimer and Joshua Davis on bass and loops. Next month I'll be presenting the music at Cornelia St. Cafe (May 14th), in brand new arrangements.

Another exciting project has been a new trio with phenomenal bassist/ vocalist Panagiotis Andreou (Now Vs. Now, NY Gypsy Allstars) and my long time drummer Ronen Itzik. We've been experimenting with grooves, sounds, loops and effects, and we'll be recording 3 new songs for Congahead next week!

My sextet has enjoyed some playing time this year, and is getting tighter and more playful with every performance. We'll be back at the Beehive in Boston on May 8th, and then at Smalls (for the first time!) on May 29th, as part of the Brooklyn Jazz Underground Festival.

Later this summer I'll be performing in China, Spain, Israel and NYC- to get notified of shows and other news, please take a moment and sign up to the mailing list.


Joining the BJU, playing a new Brooklyn venue & a cover of a cover - April 11, 2012

I'm very excited to be joining the Brooklyn Jazz Underground this year. The Brooklyn Jazz Underground (AKA the BJU) is an organization of bandleaders commited to creating and promoting original music in... you guessed it, Brooklyn. This year we'll have our annual festival on June 15-16 at Ibeam in Brooklyn, and we'll also be visiting the Beehive in Boston for a mini-version of the festival.

In other news, Bassist Matt Garrison just opened a beautiful new venue in Brooklyn, and my sextet will be there on May 1st, for a double bill with the Shai Maestro Trio, featuring Jorge Roeder and Ziv Ravitz. Tickets are already on sale, click here for all the details.

And in the Youtube world, Eyal Amir, Jordan Rudess and myself recently did a fun cover of Moves Like Jagger, which now recieved its own fun cover by Meytal Cohen!

To get notified of shows and other news, please take a moment and sign up to the mailing list.


The sextet returns to Boston & a new Youtube video - March 8, 2012

The Tammy Schffer Sextet returns to the Beehive in Boston on Tuesday, March 13. The Beehive is one of our favourite venues, with delicious food & drinks and a welcoming atmosphere, as well as great sound. It's always fun to come back!

In other news, Eyal Amir's new video, for which I recorded the vocals, is now online! Click here to check it out.

To get notified of shows and other news, please take a moment and sign up to the mailing list.


The sextet hits Cornelia St. Cafe & more - January 22, 2012

The Tammy Schffer Sextet returns to Cornelia St. Cafe this Tuesday, for a double bill with the incredible Seung-Hee. This is always a special occasion for us- the great acoustics, the attentive listeners and the beautiful atmosphere make Cornelia one of the best venues for creative live music in the city.

Much more is coming next month- I'll be performing in NYC & Israel with Vadim Neselovskyi Trio, Josh Davis Group, Russ Spiegel's Jazz Orchestra and a special Israeli collaboration with pianist Oren Sela and vocalist Lee Gaon. And... there's a new video coming up in the beginning of February, of yet another crazy Eyal Amir production!

To get notified of shows and other news, please take a moment and sign up to the mailing list.


A new Youtube project is up! - October 28, 2011

So recently I strayed a bit from jazz to take part in this project- a cover for Moves Like Jagger! It features Jordan Rudess from Dream Theater on Ipads and was produced by Eyal Amir.

Let us know what you think, we'd love to get your feedback!


Mom, I'm on the radio! - October 27, 2011

During last week's tour I met with WICN's Joe Zupan for a chat about music, the joys of being a band leader and life in general. You can listen to the interview by clicking here.

In the meanwhile, David Ricket from All About Jazz was listening to my album, and wrote: "a beautifully pure voice... an unerring sense of rhythm. the kind of album that might draw you in while at the same time making you wonder what Scheffer will do next." Click here to check out the full review!


A tour so nice, why not play it twice? - September 10, 2011

My sextet is touring again this fall! We'll be returning to our favourite Bostonian venue the Beehive, as well as P-Town's Bubala's by the Bay. The lineup include some of my favourite NYC musicians. Come by and show them some love!

Also, here's another new review of my album by's Andrea Canter.


April news - April 7, 2011
This update is long overdue, I know- and there’s lots to update!

For those who haven’t noticed, my debut album is now available for sale! It also just received a great review from Streetcred Music.

My sextet will perform twice this month, in NYC and Boston. Both shows will feature amazing musicians, and the show in Boston will also be videotaped!
This month I’m also participating in three fundraisers, which you can read about in the gigs section.

Finally, I’m now sending out a newsletter once in a while with some updates and gig info. If you’d like to receive it, please visit the contact page and subscribe.

That’s all for now, have a great spring & lots of great music!


Tammy Scheffer Sextet- reuniting in July !!! - June 27, 2010
My sextet will perform two NYC hits in the beginning of July. Please visit the gigs section for all the details!


Spring gigs!!! - April 27, 2010
I have a couple of performances coming up soon- please visit the gigs section for all the details!


More gigs coming up- February 26, 2010
Please visit the gigs section for all the details!


PRISM gig coming soon- reserve your tickets!- February 1, 2010
Prism is a new and exciting vocal septet I have the pleasure to be a part of. In the words of jazz vocalist Dominique Eade: “Hearing any one of these innovative young singers live would be a treat, but to have their impressive talents combined in one group gives a glimpse of the future of vocal jazz group singing. Not to be missed.” Click here for tickets!

So what are you doing on Thursday, January 14? -December 2, 2009
Nothing? Really? Then why not come by to my sextet's performance at Cornelia St. Cafe? We will be playing my originals from the upcoming CD, and the lineup includes some of NYC's finest musicians. Check out the gigs section for details.
...Oh! And for you, Bostonians: I'll be playing an extra special Hanukka concert at Ruthman's Violins- click here for details.
Hope to see you there!
Going to the studio -October 25, 2009
I am extremely happy to announce that the Tammy Scheffer Sextet will be going to the studio in just three weeks. We will be recording my originals and arrangements, and the CD will be released by Inner Circle Music. Please come and support us in our last gig before the performance, at Goodbye Blue Monday in Brooklyn.
Lot of exciting news -August 24, 2009
I have recently finished recording some new tunes with some of the finest musicians I got to work with- please check out the recordings section to listen. The gallery has some new headshots by the amazing Mark Wilson (fans of the cookie- no worries, it's still there!). Also, I'm moving to Brooklyn, NY in 6 days! No worries Bostonians- I'll be back once a week to work with my lovely students, rehearse with a new vocal group and for the occasional gig. Please drop me a line to join my mailing list and check back for updates!
Some gigs coming up -July 11, 2009
On July 25 I'll be playing my sextet music at La Luna Caffe. Please visit the gigs section for more info about this and some other upcoming performances!
Back in Boston -April 12, 2009
I'm back in Boston, and I'm available for voice lessons in Boston, Newton and the area; please visit the new teaching section of this website for details. Also, check out the recordings section for some new stuff!
Winter in Israel -December 14, 2008
In a few days I will be heading to Israel for three weeks. There will be a couple of shows with some brand new music and a killer linup- check out the gigs section for info!
A recording session w/ Michael Feinberg -June 1, 2008
Later this month I will be participating in a recording session for bass player's Michael Feinberg's new cd. The group will include: drums- Daniel Platzman, piano- Sam Barsh, alto- Brian Hogans, tenor- Steve Pardo guitar- Alex Wintz, voice- Zarna Surti.