Wake Up, Fall Asleep/ Tammy Scheffer (INCM 2010)

"Wake Up, Fall Asleep" is Tammy Scheffer's debut recording for Inner Circle Music, an innovative label led by renowned Saxophonist Greg Osby. A forward thinking vocalist and composer, Ms. Scheffer makes an imaginative use of her sextet to create new textures and a personal, fresh sound. She puts her own spin on the well known "When You Wish Upon A Star", and fully expresses a wide musical world in her original wordless compositions. In the words of Osby, who attended the recording session: "The music was vibrant, personal and exceptional. It was an amazing session."

Tammy Scheffer- voice, compositions
Andrew Urbina- alto
Steve Pardo- tenor
Chris Ziemba- piano
Brad Barrett- bass
Ronen Itzik- drums


Wake Up, Fall Asleep - Tammy Scheffer